How To Win The Lottery Using The Power Of Your Mind

Do you want to start playing the lottery but you don’t know how to start?

If you wondered if there was a way to win, the wait is over because I’m going to introduce you to a formula that can teach you how to play the lottery and be a winner.

The lottery is all about numbers and statistics, but the problem is that many people don’t think that they can learn about mathematics. The insider secret is that the lottery is a game with rules that can be understood. You can take control and learn to play the lottery with your head instead of emotions, and live a prosperous life once you learn how to win the lottery.

You can do it (even if you currently believe that you can’t), with the help of a new and affordable program that shows you how a lottery win for life is not out of your reach.

Some of the things you’ll learn include: The real facts that highlight the positive aspects of gambling and the lottery.

Learn about straight-bets and boxes and how they will impact the strategy best suited for you.

Learn how positive thinking can position you for success and how to apply it in the most effective way possible.

How to use your subconscious mind to attract the win (including the same techniques that one couple used to win the lottery..TWICE!)

The power of visualization and how it will set you up for success after winning.

How to re-program your subconscious mind to break down barriers that lead you to believe that winning isn’t actually possible.

Components Your package includes four audio recordings that tell you everything you need to know to win. You also receive a self-hypnosis mp3 that can take you from beginner to advanced lottery expert.

Einstein meets The Secret If you’ve ever watched the movie The Secret then you know that our bodies have a certain frequency of vibration that attracts things into your life. As you become more spiritually enlightened, and as you become aware of the effect of your thoughts on your reality (to put it plainly – your thoughts become your reality), then you move into the realm of becoming a conscious co-creator, working with the infinite abundance and wisdom of the Universe to improve your financial state.

Affirmations to help you develop a winning lottery system Given that this new program is partly about the applied use of metaphysics to increase your financial abundance, I have included some affirmations to get you started down the path to wealth: *I am wealthy. *Wealth is flowing to me now. *The Universe works for me. *A lottery win is within my reach. *I can develop a winning lottery system. *The information in this program is easy to use. *I find it easy to understand the science and maths of lotteries. *I put my knowledge about lottories into action. *I can win the lottery. *I am abundant in all ways.

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