How to Send an Anonymous Message on Facebook

Social media has certainly changed the way we interact with others and socialize. We?re no longer limited to our immediate social circles. We can engage other people a half a world away. The new platforms have more than 500 people engaging on a daily basis using sites like Facebook, and some pay little attention to how they send their comments around the web.

Some who like to be a bit more smooth (like a ninja pirate captain) and stealthy in order to get their message or their point across. It’s led to people searching for the perfect way to send an anonymous message through Facebook. There are numerous reasons such as:

* Telling off your boss * Tipping off your crush that someone likes them * Connecting with a lost lover * Blowing the whistle on corruption * Providing a tip on illegal activity * Telling your neighbor to clean their damn yard up * Letting a classmate know they need to shower after gym * Letting someone know they talk entirely too loud * Informing a coworker the break room is not the place to talk about things enjoy scratching * Providing feedback to a retailer or business owner

The list goes on and there are a number of ways that you can send an anonymous message to do all of those things but the question remains – can you do it on Facebook? The answer – to put it simply – is no; at least not without some kind of extreme effort.

If all you have to access Facebook is your own personal profile then you can’t send an anonymous message through Facebook. The info would show that it?s from you with your name and photo. This info is visible anytime you connect with someone else. Even if you could send a truly anonymous message, you likely wouldn’t make it past the spam filters on the social network.

Facebook works hard to keep their network free of spam so if you’re intent on actually sending an anonymous message through Facebook then you would need to make a false profile. That includes filling in all the extra information to make it look like a real person (including adding friends). It would take a while to build up a believable profile – but then the person doesn’t know them so how likely would they be to believe the message. It’s not anonymous, it’s from some schmuck they don’t know.

There are other methods you can turn to that don’t require all that leg work and they have zero chance of compromising your identity. The first to consider (and the only one really) is an anonymous messaging service that will allow you to send an anonymous message to any digital contact or physical address.

Some of the most reliable and trusted services provide access to a premium service where you can multiple page letters and even photos anonymously through the mail. If you have a serious point to make or a tip to give to someone, this type of service is perfecting for sending an anonymous message without revealing who you are.

These services are among the best choices to send an anonymous message and it’s easy to use so you don’t have to sit around creating profile information for hours on end just send to a simple message. Think about how it will feel to have that weight off your chest once you finally speak your mind and get the word out. Let the truth set you free and send that anonymous message today.

Silent Sender lets you send anonymous email and is designed to help empower you to blow the whistle without blowing your cover. Stay anonymous and go silent by sending a free anonymous email to any one, anywhere, anytime.